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Tenth Anniversary
30th November 2008 posted by Thomas

Well here we are … it has been ten years since Populous: The Beginning was released (actual date was 25th November 1998, thanks Populous Reincarnated!) It truly is a great milestone for any game, so hats off to the original team and also to the fans who are keeping it alive!

Back ...
4th October 2008 posted by Thomas

It has been quite some time since the last update … almost four months. I can't believe it! There are number of updates coming this way, the first are on the Shaman Would Never Say page. Also, thinking of a new design especially as Populous' tenth anniversary is approaching quickly.

And it appears that some Populous World Records are in the making and at the moment, they're really putting my six hours to shame.

New Pages

11th June 2008 posted by Thomas

Lots and lots of new things to talk about: you'll probably have already noticed that the navigation menu has fleshed out a bit.

New pages include: Shortcuts, Strategies and Tactics, Where to Buy and Yearly Reviews. Updates on
Contact, Links, the O-List (now extended) and Fonts. Not too sure about the change on the Fonts page, may change it again!

And the Populous Reader is now back up and running. Enjoy!

O-List Page Added
5th June 2008 posted by Thomas

The 'O' Button page has had a slightly update in name: the O-List. Seems more appropiate for what it does. I have finished college for the Summer so I will have loads of time on my hands to do a bit of work and update the site every so often.

Statistics for last month have been added.

EDIT: More info has been added to the O-List and the Populous Reader is now up and running again!


15th May 2008 posted by Thomas

I've revamped the pictures section to include new categories (and more pictures!) and the Further Reading pages have had a slight update in code. Statistics have been updated as of April, links have been checked and a few new sites added too: the site now has a list of 53 active Populous sites. Do check them out.

I'm still trying to solve some problems on the site so do bear with me - the Reader has been taken down for a short while but will be back up when everything is sorted.

News Glitch
5th May 2008 posted by Thomas

Apologies to all who have been receiving weird advertising and the like over the past while: the news program seems to have been causing all of this so I've just gotten rid of it. If you come across any more problems on the site, just email me.

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