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Welcome to Populous Mana source, the website for fans of Populous: The Beginning! 

Populous, released in 1998, is to the day of today one of the most important and challenging Real Time Strategy games of all time. Thousands of people from all over the world still play this game and many of them have become a part of the Populous Online Community by joining the many available alternatives for multiplaying.


Over the years, they have established the rythm of the game when playing online and developed the standards of a professional player, making the game even more challenging and a lot more fun. They have also taken part in several projects that improved Populous, such as new battle scenarios and campaigns, the several new maps and mappacks, a leagues system, etc.

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In Populous Mana Source, as an important part of Populous' history, we want to keep providing the players and fans with all our typical services and expanding our projects. Constantly working to make the game even more enjoyable.

Take a look at the various sections and articles on our website and learn about Populous: The Beginning, its alternatives for playing online, our projects, how to be a part of the Populous Community and how to help us!