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Written by Apnea Thursday, 28 April 2011 12:00

Welcome to the Get Involved section. Here is where you can become a part of our team by contributing to our projects.

We are looking for technical talents and people with independent thinking and strong opinions. People with initiative that are willing to devote their time and skills to helping the service and learning with us.

For our Open Source Multiplayer Platform, we are looking for programmers skilled in C++ and Qt (since our program is extensively using Qt Framework for C++). For our leagues system we are also looking for talented programmers (preferably C++) and people experienced in databases. Do you meet this criteria? Take a look on what we're creating!

For our website, we are looking for PHP programmers. The website is built based on the Joomla system and we need custom mods for it. Visit the Website Development section for more information.

Perhaps you can speak any of the additional languages supported and you're willing to write, edit and review a language's section for us, you could become a translator! Take a look at our Translations section.

The Populous Installer project is still under development and could use the help of devoted programmers. The aim is to create a solid installer with certain default options and features to replace the CD versions of the game installation and fix the most critical bugs found when installing and uninstalling. Check our Populous Installer section for more details.

Additionally, our community demands its human side. We are looking for people willing to cover the different tasks that a project in development and a community in constant growth need. People with independent and objective thinking, that can provide us with their opinion on the different decisions to be taken. People that are willing to help us improve our website in non-technical ways by reviewing articles and writing new ones. People with a sense of justice and the time to monitor our forums to help with moderation. Tasks that would help us organise and manage the project. For more details visit Other.

For the people experienced with software reverse engineering, modding populous is a project where several members of the Populous Community have already taken part and that always requires additional help and ideas. Find more about this in the section Other as well.

If you're not good with technical stuff but you want to learn and improve your skills, or if you have a vision of this service and you want to help us improve it in any other way not listed here, visit our forums and let us know! We will gladly help you making your first steps in your learning and we will appreciate your ideas!

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 July 2011 09:02