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About the Team

Written by Apnea Thursday, 28 April 2011 12:00

The big team

The Populous Mana Source service, from the earliest days to the present, is the result of the hard work of several members of the Populous Community. Their names and roles are listed below in no particular order.

Creator of the website, project manager, administrator and webmaster. His vision of a website containing tips for players released in Polish evolved into the creation of the first website in both Polish and English and later on in the only multilingual service in the Populous Community. As a result of his hard work and vision Populous Mana Source today has a modern website, multilingual forums with several members from all over the world and plans to release an Open Source Multiplayer Client.

Creator and moderator of the gallery. Collected screenshots from several members of the community. Collaborated in the development of the current website and with its translation to the Polish language. Administrator of the forums and service developer.

Website moderator for the Polish and English version of the website (2008 - 2011).

Editor of the website and translator for the Polish section. Helped with articles and graphics for the first Polish release of the website.

Contributor, collaborates with ideas and the development of the service, moderator of several sections of the forums.

Editor of the website and translator for the Spanish section. Administrator of the forums and service developer.

Editor of the website and translator for the Portuguese section.

Editor of the website and translator for the German section.

Translator for the Spanish section.

Inactive contributors

Creator of the layout for the first website for tips released in Polish.

Creator of the layout for the current version of the website as well as the Polish and English version (2008 - 2011). Helped with the development of the current website.

Special thanks

  • To forums moderators who keep this place in order: Apnea, Flame, Nefarius, BloodDeath, grzybek.
  • To TeratO who maintained the ELO experiment for the Populous Community and keeps us updated with news about it on our website.
  • To Enthyr who contributed his 3D planets which are part of the website layout
  • To all the people whose name is not here and have contributed to this service.
  • To all the people who support this project.
  • To all the members who have helped Populous Mana Source improve by pointing out errors on the site, articles or programs.
  • To the Åsgard clan for their contribution with images for the gallery and their support for this place.

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