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Before downloading any of the Maps or Mods, make sure that the most recent Matchmaker is installed first, otherwise the files below will not install properly!! Select "Open from current location" when the download window appears.

New Worlds:

# Pack Map pack Name Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Version
0 globe New Worlds 2005(Packs 1-16)
Map packs 1 through 16 in a single file, this is the latest version of all map packs.
Mirror - 1.0
1 globe Fate Worlds Mirror - 1.1
2 globe Tournament Worlds Mirror Mirror 1.0
3 globe Symmetry Worlds - - 1.0
4 globe Summer Worlds - - 1.0
5 globe Devil Worlds
created by Devilhu and Dezsike(Locked)
- - 1.0
6 globe Dragon Worlds
created by ILuvBoobs and his team
- - 1.0
7 globe Red Worlds 2004
created by Khickman and TedTycoon
- - 1.0
8 globe Mystery Worlds
created by Evil Warrior
- - 1.0
9 globe Mystic Worlds
created by Shinak and Chris(Locked)
- - 1.0
10 globe Crazy Worlds
created by Devilhu and Dezsike(Locked)
- - 1.0
11 globe Angel Worlds
created by BbD, Killa2005, and King Warg
- - 1.0
12 globe DBM Worlds
created by Myth
- - 1.1
13 globe Grass Worlds
created by Devil Team
- - 1.2
14 globe Gold Worlds
created by Bbd
- - 1.0
15 globe Dirt Worlds
created by Devil Team
- - 1.0
16 globe Single Player Worlds - - 1.0
17 globe Sunny Worlds
created by DakiniShaman
- Mirror 1.0
18 globe AU Worlds - - 1.0
19 globe Southern Style Worlds
by [sS]JuventuD
- - 1.0
20 globe Fight Worlds
by Blang-Jang and Marster
- - 1.0
21 globe German Worlds
by Alkaline & [AsG]Phil
- - 1.0



reloadedreloaded (BETA 4.0/ 9-05-2004) Download


chaosChaos Worlds - Mappack made by King Warg, contains 2, 3 and 4 player maps.

tronTron Worlds - Mappack made by King Warg, contains 2, 3 and 4 player maps.



Size: 18.3 MB
If you don't have Populous and wanna try it out download this demo. It includes three single player levels, the tutorial, as well as a multiplayer level. Not many, if any people play the multiplayer demo, so just spend the 2 bucks and get the full version - it's worth it.

download - Download

1.01 Patch

Size: 9.21MB
(See below in utilities for 1.03 collective patch)
What it does:

download - Download

Populous Ad Movie

Size: 19.9 MB
Bullfrog's AD for Populous, it's kind of big but it's interesting to watch.

download - Download

Web-Design Kit

Size: 2.5 MB
Includes animations, sounds, the pop background, and still images. Great for any pop-related site.

download - Download

Populous Desktop Theme

Size: 4 MB
(see below for unpacked version) A complete Populous theme for your Windows Desktop. Complete with background, screensaver, sounds, icons, fonts, and color schemes, this theme is great for you crazy pop fanatics.

download - Download


Collective Populous Patch (1.03) - Collective of all current patches on this page. Includes:

Pop World Editor - A tool to Create Populous Maps.

Pop Disp - A tool to export/import displacement textures.

Data Restorer - A handy program to have. It requires the Populous CD and restores different parts of the game from the CD at the click of a button.

Pop Check - This checks to make sure Populous has all the file intact (must be run from Populous dir).

Pop Fix - Places Populous files in registry.

Populous Theme Pack - The Populous desktop theme unpacked.

Populous Resolution Changer - Allows you to set the resolution and depth that Populous plays at.

Network Hosting Patch - Lets those who have a private network host multiplayer games with the MM. Note, you need configure your router, set portfowarding of port 7575 UDP to the IP of your computer, and use the matchmaker version or higher.

Displacements Patch - This patch will enhance all landscape textures. This will have effect on all original levels and all new worlds, this will make many maps look better.


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