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Welcome To Your Populous HQ!

Welcome to your HQ with downloads, walkthroughs, forums, and more.

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The new populous video has been delayed as I havn't had time to upload it.

Also, thanks to King_Warg i'm going to put up the old site thanks to the archive he had of the site. It has poor firefox compatibility so i'll have to spend some time fixing it so I hope to have it up next week.

The Shamans Home has written a story about populous its pretty interested to read so take a look here


Ted Tycoon has started a Populous Wiki website, visit it by clicking here

Also another populous video will be avaliable soon.


A new populous video has been added to the video gallery. Downloads section has also been updated.


4 new videos have been released in the video gallery. Visit it now!

Small problem though, I found out that the intro movies in the populous game were actually in dual audio and had 2 different languages in each file and the game ran whichever one was your language. But it doesn't really matter :-)


Nothing much for updates right now, but they will come soon. I've also got 2 new populous videos coming soon and another 3 that will be coming soon after that!

So make sure you visit the Video Gallery


Populous Revolution has recently reached the 500,000 visitor mark!

If you currently have populous related files and would like to submit them to populous downloads then please do via contact us. :-)


I would just like to remind everyone that we have moved urls incase you havn't noticed, so if you are linking to me could you please update your links.


Its been a long time without an update. The reason is the site has been difficult to manage ever since I lost the original files for my site. From now on the site will be updated reguarly.

The site has been fixed up and I have moved my video gallery from the forum to here for easier access. It contains many great videos so please visit it.

Also a new populous downloads site has been created visit it using the site bar.

In other news the Wildman Productions Network has gotten their own paid hosting thanks to Funnyjunk (Chaotic gaming staff). links to their sites are as follows:

Wildman Productions

Populous Tribal Conquest

Populous Resurrection























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Content We have here: Free Populous 2 Full game download or version, including 1 and the beginning the third coming backup with formats like iso, and cd image Playing the beginning download Online you can play even if you don't have the official game and you can play the populous vault online. We now have Age of Chaos and Seven Moons iso Warez, trainers, abandonware, oldgames and more. Undiscovered worlds, new worlds, We also have forums We have the non shareware game (non demo) you can also update your game with the patch or crack. the beginning download is a strategy/God game from bullfrog and electronic arts.