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Fan Sites
The official Populous website.
New Worlds / Populous Reincarnated - The Populous site where you can download custom made multiplayer levels and discuss Populous on the forum.

Fan Sites

CDplayer's site -A very informative site on almost all aspects of Populous
The Populous Shrine -An old no longer updated site, but one of the best resources for populous available
Stuart Whyte, the producer of Populous' very own website with all the magazine articles on Populous.
The Blue Shamans Command Post -A great site with walkthroughs of all single player levels
Crazy Ace's Populous Page -Descriptions of buildings, spells, followers, vocabulary etc. plus some fun screenshots and 'idiot stories'
C3's Undiscovered Worlds Site -is the only, therefore best site on undiscovered Worlds
A simple website with some information on Populous
An attractive website for populous
DrummerKA's site with a few screenshots and some other info
ShakeyJake's A partial list of single player walkthroughs aimed at giving the fastest times (with the times to beat) plus maps and orbit-views. He has also cracked the coding of all the maps in the game (single player, multiplayer and Undiscovered Worlds) and converted them to mini maps using a contour palette. Includes the Populous leagues table with in information not included on populous.net
BomBer Man's Populous site, includes much information on the game, New site has much flash
Walhalla's Populous site with his own list of good players and a few tactics
Deathwarrior & The_king_dbm's Populous site with thier private leagues table
Keith52's page with stratagies and a list of "good" players
The Shaman Homepage with tactics, a populous story, and other good information
Judithz's page with lots of pretty colors, oh and some populous stuff too
Zakra's site, nice intro and a page devoted to populous
Cryoborgs Populous page
Interesting page that gives out awards to populous sites based on different categories.

Groups and Clans

Team Adept -Oldest community on populous, accepts all people that are up to their standard of personality
Team Nashua -Second oldest clan on populous, will accept most people, including newbies to train
Lords of the UndeaD- The newest Populous Clan.


The Bullfrog FTP space with many of the files including the help files and promotional video
Demo -EA or FilePlanet - Demo
This is the Demo, complete with three levels for single-player and one multiplayer
Patch -EA or FilePlanet - Patch
This file is required if you want to play Populous
Populous Local Lobby
CDplayer's Populous Lobby Mod all packed into one self-extracting file. Just open the zip file and run the .exe.
Web-Design Kit -EA or FilePlanet - Web-Design Kit
The Web-Design kit includes all sorts of fun website add-ons including sounds and animations
Populous Desktop Theme -EA or FilePlanet - Populous Desktop Theme
The Populous Desktop theme inludes wallpaper, cool screen saver of tribes fighting ending with armageddon, pointers, sounds, colors, and startup/shutdown screens
No-CD Crack
This crack let's you play Populous: The Beginning v. 1.01 without the cd
Undiscovered Worlds Single Player Levels
**Updated Version** Run the installer and the normal levels 1-12 will be the undiscovered worlds single player levels. The starting messages are included, because they don't show up in the game, and one or two of the levels may have a few other problems.
This is actually the Original Populous. It's fully functional but there is a very simple security program in the game that might stop you from playing.

The following are not related to Populous
Solar Winds Screensaver
A really pretty looking Screensaver.
A report on Ultra I wrote for my history class.
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