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Archived News 2005

2004 | 2005


The Populous Photo Gallery is back online! It has a better design and more pictures, visit it by clicking Populous Photo Gallery


Well, devilhu says a "friend" was the one that probably hacked my forum and photo gallery, but I dont see how anybody could have known about my gallery as it was very new. and they happened to know that I had the same password for the forum and the gallery.


You are not allowed to link to populous aoc directly. If you want to link to I have already caught 1 person in violation of this and I don't want it to happen again.

The Populous Photo Gallery has been released!, it is the largest gallery on the net! visit it here and register today!


Populous 4 AOC beta 3 build 2 released!!! Download it from here or here The files were put together by me so it isn't allowed for you put it on your own site. if you want to link to it link to here. Bug reporting for populous 4 is here. To see a populous 4 installation instruction manual click here and download the series selector here or here

I have also released the second information kit which can be downloaded here. It takes 24 hours for downloads from fileplanet to be downloadable. Remember if you copy my downloads I will contact your web host!


I've added some more downloads, the Populous 3 INF/Credits Editor (by blue warrior hut which doesn't exist anymore) Dosbox 0.63 which allows you to play populous 1, the expansion and populous 2 on any system reguardless of your operating system which you can download here there will be a tutorial on how to use it soon. There is also a font package which includes about 5 populous fonts for download which you can get here There is also the bullfrog screensaver with an installer which you can get here I've also updated lava worlds to 1.1, It seems me and reincarnated are the only places to go for up to date mods. All the other sites are very very old.

I would also like to note that all my downloads have an encrypted message hidden inside them so its impossible for you to take them and put them on your own site. Which includes blue warrior huts INF editor and the bullfrog screensaver which you can't take unless you get it from another site (not mine)


The populous fmv (cinematic) restorer for populous 3 has been released! download it here or at the downloads section. I have also released a tool which restorers your levels directory to its original state which is downloadable here or in the downloads section. I am awaiting validation for the 1st information kit and I am going to upload micro populous soon. And good news! I kindof have my dynamic account back, so i've put on a populous photo gallery! i'll give you the link when i've finished with my pictures but don't forget to visit the blogger here


I have some new downloads coming within the next 1-2 weeks including: 3 Information kits of populous 3, Micro Populous and a FMV (cinematic) restorer for populous 3 (by request). I have noticed recently that alot of people think that khickmans UW installer is not the full thing. I have the original UW and I know that khickmans UW is exactly the same, so please don't request the .iso from me.


I've updated the staff pages, as it quite old and there is also a new affiliate for both the populous blogger and populous revolution website.


I've been unable to upload those downloads, and i'll do them soon. I've also got some new stuff coming in soon. And make sure you check the message from the producer of populous by clicking here

2004 | 2005

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