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Team Nashua
The Dark Masters
Team Pheonix
Team Adept
The Great Wall
An EterNaL DarKneSS
Mafia Br
Hugarian hussars
Aussie United
Gods Of Destruction
Royal Power
Crips n\' Bloods
Power of Populous
The Last Warriors
Xtreme X-Xiphyas
Valor Fighters
The Last Legion

Populous Clans

Ever since its creation Populous has had a history of clans that come and go. Clans are typically a group of players who band together in their own community. Some clans are based on common attributes of the members (such as AU), while others are based on the skill or personality.

Whatever the force that brings the members of a clan together, they are great places to get to know other players and improve your gameplay. Sometimes we even get tournaments between clans (though those are rare).

This page shows all of the clans registered with Populous Reincarnated and gives you a place to learn about them and manage tags.

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