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File Name and Description Size
Collective Populous Patch (1.03)
Collective Populous Patch (1.03) - Collective of all current patches on this page. Includes:
  • Fix the bugs that the official Bullfrog patch (1.01) fixes
  • Update the version number to 1.03
  • Fix the network hosting bug
  • Make the game run without the CD
  • Make the game the US version
  • Install the resolution changer
  • Install Populous Restore
  • Install Pop check
1.48 MB
1.01 Patch
What it does:
Shaman Autocasting From Balloons
A problem occurred when first placing the Shaman in a Balloon. If there was already a follower in the Balloon and the Shaman was the second passenger, then she couldn't autocast, i.e. move within range of the target and automatically fire the spell. Only by selecting the Shaman and/or moving her would autocasting work again. This problem has now been fixed.
Version Number On Multiplayer Screens
There is now a version number visible on all multiplayer screens in the game. All players in a multiplayer game must have identical versions and you will not be able to play a game using differing versions.
Encyclopaedia and Pop-up Icons
While in the Encyclopaedia, you could still select and open the Pop-up Icons at the side of the Control Panel. This caused the Pop-up Icon to be printed over the Encyclopaedia and cause problems. Now, you cannot select a Pop-up Icon while the Encyclopaedia is open.
Maximum Buildings Problem
The maximum number of buildings available in the game is 256. Unfortunately, the maximum number of buildings available to each player was 80 and this number, coupled with any damaged buildings, could potentially exceed 400. This caused some problems in the multiplayer game, including an out of sync. This problem has now been fixed.
Armageddon Crash
Multiplayer Armageddon sometimes caused crashes when it was cast on busy levels (lots of spells, buildings, battles and effects). This problem has now been fixed.
Tutorial Fighting Problem
During the Fighting section of the Tutorial, you are asked to train two Warriors. A certain proceedure sometimes caused the Tutorial to break and not proceed to the next stage. This problem has now been fixed.
Level 5 Solar System Problem
On the completion of level 5, pressing Space Bar straight away caused the game to think that level 5 was incomplete, even though it granted you access to subsequent levels. This problem has now been fixed.
Multiplayer Chat
In the Winsock multiplayer game option, it was only possible for the client to talk to the host and vice versa. Client to client chat was unavailable. This problem has now been fixed.
Tutorial Building Problem
In the Buildings section of the Tutorial, you are asked to build a number of Huts. If you left the Hut to upgrade to the Large Hut, the Tutorial would not proceed to the next stage. This problem has now been fixed.
Firestorm Out of Sync, D3D->Software
There were problems when casting Firestorm on buildings, more prevalent when playing the Direct3D version against the software version. This problem has now been fixed.
9.21 MB
Pop World Editor
A tool to Create Populous Maps.
912 KB
Pop Disp
A tool to export/import displacement textures. Spice up those boring looking maps.
196 KB
Data Restorer
A handy program to have. It requires the Populous CD and restores different parts of the game from the CD at the click of a button.
142 KB
Pop Check
This checks to make sure Populous has all the file intact (must be run from Populous dir).
174 KB
Pop Fix
Places Populous files in registry.
190 KB
Populous Desktop Theme
(see below for unpacked version) A complete Populous theme for your Windows Desktop. Complete with background, screensaver, sounds, icons, fonts, and color schemes, this theme is great for you crazy pop fanatics.
4.21 MB
Populous Theme Pack
Populous Resolution Changer
Allows you to set the resolution and depth that Populous plays at
40 KB
Displacements Patch
This patch will enhance all landscape textures. This will have effect on all original levels and all new worlds, this will make many maps look better.
1.41 MB
Populous: The Beginning Demo
If you don't have Populous and wanna try it out download this demo. It includes three single player levels, the tutorial, as well as a multiplayer level. Not many, if any people play the multiplayer demo, so just spend the 2 bucks and get the full version - it's worth it.
18 MB
Populous Ad Movie
Bullfrog's AD for Populous, it's kind of big but it's interesting to watch.
19.9 MB
Web-Design Kit
Includes animations, sounds, the pop background, and still images. Great for any pop-related site.
2.5 MB

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