Hand Populous Reincarnated

MM Skins

Skin Name Author Description
Default GreenTheGabberThe basic green skin that was first used for the matchmaker.
Default BlueALACNThe default blue skin that comes with the matchmaker.
ReloadedTheGabberA special skin dedicated to the Populous: Reloaded Mod.
ClassicIncaWarriorA color/picture scheme based on the original EA matchmaker.
RedDevilhuA red themed skin.
Eildon GreenSalty_TNA skin with an interesting green theme about it. Lightning detailed buttons, great colour scheme.
Red SunsetSalty_TNRed Sunset Theme, includes detailed buttons & new grade icons.
Team NashuaSalty_TNA skin dedicated to the 2nd oldest clan in Populous, Team Nashua.
Ballarat Gold SESalty_TNA gold themed skin. Handmade grade icons based on follower skinaining hut symbols & more detailed buttons.
Dragon WorldsILuVBooBs & Salty_TNSkin decicated to the mappack Dragon Worlds.
Chumara ShamanDevil TeamA yellow themed skin based on the default.
DarkDanielDark skin with nice green on black.
Red SoxKurtangle and SaltyDedicated to the Champs and biggest owners in the MLB, the Boston Red Sox. With improved "Curt Schilling" icon likeness.
NirvanaSalty_TNSkin dedicated to the creators of grunge.
Asgard[AsG]HundredthA skin for the populous clan - Asgard.
Colorado AvalancheSalty_TN and Kurtangle_TNDedicated to the best team in the NHL. With new customized "goal horn" PM alert sounds, first in skin history. With "Joe Sakic Icon Likeness".
Eternal Bliss[Raz_]None/ Put one in yourself if possible.
Team PhoenixAvatar_tpIt is a skin designed for the members of the high clan: Team Phoenix. It is a beautiful red skin made with phoenix colors.
EnglandXenolithA fairly basic but nice skin created by xenolith for the English players supporting them at the world cup.
Antrixonxx.darksilence.xxA fresh new look for 2007, the iDark Productions Matchmaker skin!
The Dakini HutSuleimanJust a simple skin dedicated to the popular Populous website, The Dakini hut.

Submit Skin

You can use this from to submit new skin designs for the matchmaker to the site. Fill out all the fields and submit your skin file (should be named skin.zip) along with an image (115 X 295) to be used with the installer if you would like one.