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Archived News 2004

2004 | 2005



I'm thinking of getting a picture gallery to store the populous pictures I have since it takes too long to do it manually. And I have 3 very good downloads which will be available soon. And I want to wish you a happy new year!


I have 3 very good downloads that I will probably add soon. It has alot of information of the history of populous.


We now have a domain which we may use in the future, its please don't use this link as it may not be avaliable in a few days depending on what I choose. Remember always use to get to this site otherwise you may have problems.


Do you own a populous clan or website? If you do email me at gmail and tell me! As usual the mappacks have been updated.


Merry Christmas to you all! I've added my IE toolbar today, and a firefox version will come very soon! I have someone fixing a error in the .xpi file right now :-) So download the IE toolbar here


I've added a cache of crazy aces site! visit it at the non active links section! I've made other random improvements too. I hope you have something nice planned for christmas!


I've change the zonealarm tutorial into a flash one! Visit the tutorial here, And The Shamans Home Website and forum have been not running for the past 2 days. And we are aiming for 5000 unique visitors by the 28 of december as this will be 5000 unique visitors in a month! It looks like we will surpass 5000 before the 28th anyway :-)


I've categorized the links because I was getting too many, I'll add a ton more links later.


School has ended for me, so there will be more updates here, the shamans home has a new forum and many new things at Populous Chat: Your Ultimate Populous Forum


I've added the original EA message that says you can't distribute populous 3 over the internet which you can view here I'd also like to note that blue warrior hut and the populous web ring aren't working right now.


I've added a cache of stuart whyte's website! To get to it click on links and then cached version next to his website. Any future websites that are not running 24\7 or get shutdown will also be cached by populous revolution.


We now have an arcade at our forum! With all the best 3d games, visit it at Populous Chat: Your Ultimate Populous Forum




I've got some new pictures which are really good. And the Revolution Awards December-February have started, so check your emails and fix your websites!
The new awards are here and once again populous dawn of a devils age php wins the most updated award so congratulations to them! :-)

Also incase you haven't noticed I have a server status above this which tells you if the populous reincarnated matchmaker server (login) and forums server is online for offline so you'll know if you can login!

Note: Fundo has decided he wants to screw around in the ftp, so if anything weird happens (besides the stuff he's already done) it will be fixed tomorrow. :-)


Quite alot of updates around the site including a new populous toolbar. I had made a firefox toolbar but I'm having problems with the javascript that installs the xpi file so i'm only releasing the internet explorer one for now. Note that Master JJ's toolbar is not the same and neither of us copied each other.


I've added some more downloads including the populous 3 drones music, and i've added the status of the populous reincarnated login and forums server which will tell you if its online or not (look up :P)


Updated some pages including the pop 3 getting started page, and also added a bookmarker on the front page.


Well lots of random updates throughout the site, and i've got cable internet now so I can upload lots of stuff for you to download, although the server is currently down so you'll have to wait :P.


I spell checked my whole website so you won't find any errors, and the best web browser is almost out of its beta stage and becoming version 1.0 so download it now by clicking Get Firefox! it should be version 1.0 by the time you see this it should be 1.0


the populous matchmaker is now version get it at the downloads section!


There's a new download at the downloads which is the new populous matchmaker in its beta stage. This version has been fixed so you can login so get it now! And the populous reincarnated servers are back online


I have 6 gmail accounts to give away for free, for information go to, register then click on general chat then gmail invite. Note that gmail is a 1gb mail service made by google.


I've added a populous 3 sound board, go try it by clicking here I'd also like to note that my email form is still down. There's also a new program called Populous Launcher made by khickman where you can easily play populous on a lan or online. I've also rearranged the links page and added some downloads



I've awards the sites which are based on real facts so make sure you visit them by clicking here i've also made lots of minor updates


The Shaman's Home's webmaster has won the best webmaster award. Note that its under construction still and may get its own website.


I have added an english interview with Stuart Whyte, make sure you read it! by clicking here


We now have the populous revolution awards! where we award website's on actual facts not voting systems where people cheat. We have some new downloads including save files for populous 3 and the upcoming Populous 4 Age of Chaos which beta testers (me) already have. The website of the month and picture of the month are gone so I suggest you go to the populous revolution awards for the best website's

I haven't been able to update the site as i've had problems with the new broadband i'm getting so I've been without internet for about 10 days. There are some good downloads coming when I get it so you will have to wait till then.

I'm also not happy with Master JJ removing my link to my site. I think its because I gave him a 1\10 important rating which I stand by. I gave him that rating since he seems to only have the "Master JJ's Guide to Building" Guide that's his. And he keeps take content of other sites and not giving credit to them.

I've made lots of random updates and you also won't be able to use the contact form until the gamespy servers are fixed. A long time ago we received our 10000th unique visitor!


Populous Awards emailed my old email address and I found it today and it said

Dear Webmaster,
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Awards Site had to close. There has been a lot of talk about the Awards and how they have been unfair with sites voting more than once for themselves and/or other sites. The team released the 'Operation Shaman' idea but this was rejected by many sites. Therefore, the Awards will probably take a break until some kind of agreement is reached. However, we can reveal the winners of Term 4:

Best Design: The Shaman's Home
Best Content: Populous Revolution
Best Features: The Shaman's Home
Best Newbie Site: Populous Uprising
Best Advanced Site: Populous Revolution
Best Name: Blue Warrior Hut
Best Downloads: Populous Revolution
Most Updated: Populous Revolution
Best Webmaster: Blue Warrior Hut

The Best Website award was not marked because of the deletion of the site. We must apologize sincerely for all the trouble caused.

Populous Awards Team

We won 4 awards!


Its hard to do updates since i've got lots of assignments to do. The populous awards is down and I suspect that their 90 free trial with their web host ended so we'll probably have to vote again. Also fundo55 has taken down his website. And my forum is fully working now so sign up by clicking here


I'll have some fun online games soon


Happy Birthday to Dezsike :D


Populous 3 and Undiscovered Worlds Full is out! to download it click on downloads at the side bar and follow the links in there.

Later That Day

I forgot to tell everyone that my forum is being upgraded, so just wait :D


Bad news, my email form got hacked. So if you sent me an email recently and didn't get a response please send it again as the form is now fixed.


Voting has started! vote using the drop down menu above or click here



Good News! our forums servers have been upgraded and you can now visit it. So go to and register. If you would like your website or clan to be apart of our forum then please contact us and we will make your own category for you, you will administer your own category and we also allow people to post as many files for other to download as you want. so sign up now!


Thanks to thomas (webmaster of the shamans home) he pointed out that my months have been all wrong!!
I think it happens when I make a new update and look at the month and date below so I know what that days date is. I must have used the same month while writing news for a new month. Make sure you contact me if there are any bug or errors.


A few pages have been updated and also spell checked a few of them


Sorry for the lack of updates the new populous downloads website will be finished soon and there are also minor updates to the site


We now have our on irc web chat! visit it by clicking here And we also have a new contact us form so click here to view it


I didn't notice that the code of conduct had been updated so I updated the HTML one today


We have a new email address which can be found at the staff/contact us page. I'm busy working on populous downloads so not much updates.


Well everything is now fixed so now updates should be more often


I found out that the contact us form didn't had bart5986support instead of! sorry to all those emails I missed but the form is now fixed so get emailing by going to staff\contact us


Not much today but i've updated a few pages


Sorry for the lack of updates but i've been busy doing stuff. Right now i'm working to get rid of populous dawn of a devil's age copied content. Please note that master JJ, dezsike and devilhu are banned because they copied other peoples content. I've added a populous 3 game credits page


Populous Dawn of a devils age are copying my sites content so I recommend everyone read my terms and conditions


We now have our own populous matchmaker which is able to connect to our and the reincarnated network so make sure you get it from the downloads section in the chat page. Note: you can still get points in this matchmaker



I've added the awards pictures to the awards page


I have added the populous 1 online rom which can be played at the online games page

Later That Day

I've updated the terms and conditions page and have also released a populous blogger which you can see here

And the shamans home has received an importance rating of 10\10 along with populous reincarnated. I would also like to say that I am pretty disappointed with most other sites because they have very little unique content


I've added some new downloads, these include populous 1, the expansion pack and populous 2 so download them now by going to the download section!!!


I've added a troubleshooting page that explains how to connect to mirc and i've made other various updates

Later That Day

We have won 6 out of 10 awards! I would like to thank everyone that voted and hope you will get voting next term!


I've added a terms and conditions to stop people from copying my work and i've updated a few other pages.

Later That Day

Since i have seen a site copy EA's work and say they wrote it I have decided to add people that copy other peoples work in may copyright page too. And I have updated a few pages


I am currently waiting for incawarrior to give me some information so not much updates today.

Later That Day

Something happened to the the news and archived news and ended up having to lots of certain days, this has now been fixed


I haven't had very much time today but i'm going to release a online gameboy emulator which has populous 1 and 2 on there


I've updated the playing online page


I've updated lots of pages including playing online and the downloads


Now that pop new age is shared with devil team's website I renamed their forum and links name.

I've also updated the voting feature.

And I have fixed the Site map bug


The Populous Awards have closed today! the awards will be given the to the website's on the 27 of august or the 28th if you are in australia.

Later That Day

I didn't notice but we received our 5000th visitor a few days ago.

Even Later That Day

Populous Dawn of a new age is now moved over to Devil Team Website so to access their content please go there.


Populous Revolution and Populous Chat now have a addon for populous matchmaker! Get instructions at the chat page.


The Populous Awards are nearly over! please vote for us as we are neck in neck with other sites!

copyright, forums and links pages updated.


I've updated the records, copyright and forums pages.


If anything does not work correctly on this site then please contact us to avoid other people running into problems.


Sorry you haven't been able to see the latest updates for the past 2 days, I use a program called act maker and it automatically uploads my website each day but for some reason it has stopped but I reset it and now its working.


If you haven't noticed already I have a page called Populous News which contains all the latest updates on what's happening in the populous world so visit it now by clicking on Populous News at the sidebar and Populous Chat is currently down for maintenance and a server upgrade and will be available soon the url is so register there when it comes back online.


There is a problem with the site map, It will be fixed soon.


I've added the dawn of a new age new website logo to the side bar.


I've added the link to us page on the side bar, added a print this page button the on the code of conduct page and made other minor improvements.


I've added a tutorials and troubleshooting section so you can get lots of help!


If you haven't voted in the populous awards make sure you do! I have also fixed the links page.


code0110_dt will be making a manual for hosting soon so keep checking back here!

Later That Day

Well we are winning at most of the awards at the populous awards and I would like to thank everyone that voted! If you haven't voted yet then use the above drop down menu.


I've added a new sponsor, and have updated the downloads.


Voting has started at the populous awards! to vote for us use the above menu.


The Populous Uprising link is now in the side bar and i'm also waiting for the awards voting to start.


I'm now hosting the awards banner as their banner isn't working.

Note: the banner is at the bottom of the page.

And we have received our 4000th unique visitor!! and also have a new affiliate.


I've made some updates to the site and its now version 3.0


Populous Uprising has joined our forum so you should visit their homepage at http:/


I'm looking for populous website's that I don't have in my links page, so if you know one then please email us


We now have a IRC channel so get instructions to get in there by going to the online chat page



I'm going to add a populous irc channel soon


I've added a records tutorial so you can get low level times a fake records page and shortened the front page.


The Devil Team has changed their logo so I updated the potm, wotm and the links section


I have added a form for you to rate my website, so rate it now!

Later That Day

I have made the rate my website open in a new page and have also fixed some bugs


I've added a populous 1 & 2 Introduction and getting started guide which I recommend you view when its finished


We have received our 3000th visitor!


I've changed the title page of the front page


I've changed the linking instructions page and have also made the online code of conduct open at its source so that you will always have the most updated copy, but you need a pdf reader for it.

Later That Day

I have fixed some of the logos on the links page as they had changed


I have a new mini logos for this website and my forum (thanks to salty) so please update your links


The Devil Teams site is finished, Visit it by going to the links section

Their Populous extras downloader has been updated to version 3.3, get it at the utilities section at the download page!


I have a new forum! visit it at


I've updated the devil teams link and done various other things


I have updated my site map as it was getting outdated and have also fixed some errors in my coding


I have added a search engine to the side bar so it is now easier to find things


I was unable to work on the website on the 9th and the 10th as I got a virus on my computer. It shut down NOD32 which made it not able to start up. AVG, Norton Antivirus and kaspersky lite were unopenable because of the virus, So it was bad news for me. Its also a new virus as it came out on the 13th of June. But there is no need to worry as the virus is gone and there was never a virus on my website.


Finished fixing half of the undiscovered worlds walkthroughs

Later That Day

I have finished all the undiscovered worlds walkthroughs and have also fixed a bug in my live clock located on the playing online page


My Site is now nominated at The Populous Awards 2004

My site is now validated by <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"


I have changed the Website of the month and picture of the month to a flash one that I created.


We have received our 2000th visitor!, I've also updated the website of the month and picture of the month

Later that day

I have added fundo55's achievements which you can see at the records section, try and see if you can beat them!


jj50 said that I wouldn't be able to get high ranks when you type in populous dawn new age so I am going to try and beat master JJ, so wish me good luck : )

Later That Day

I have also added the next site of the month which is master JJ's Fossilized Shaman which immediately got him on there. Send me your pictures for a chance for it to be on the picture of the month


I took the custom right click down since none of the browsers except internet explorer could use it and opera wouldn't display images while I had the code for it in. I guess that I can't have anything fancy because of other lazy browsers.

I have added screenshots for records so that people will actually believe them.


I have added a custom right click menu for design reasons.


I have added devilhu's populous extras downloader which downloads mappacks and matchmaker skins, and Restores parts of the game from web. A must download! get it at the download section under utilities



I have added a image link to the shamans home on the side bar please do not email me saying that you want to be on the side bar unless you have something to give in return.


I have removed fundo55's level 9 record as I cannot find his screenshot and I want him to get it again.


I have added a link to the shamans home to my front page and very soon every other page and I have also updated his link.

Click here to have a look at his new site


I have changed the colors of certain text and made other improvements


Yet Again I have done more spell checking on fundo55's walkthroughs


The Ad Problem is now fixed


The ads seem to have disappeared altogether! I will find out what is happening soon


I am having problems with gamespy's ad service I will try to fix it asap


I have received a email from someone that is telling me that there are errors when viewing it with his browser. Please email me telling me the browser name and version


I have changed my link image to a flash image so please update it.


I have added a forum please visit at



I want to make strategies for mappacks so please email me if you want to write strategies


I have spell checked and grammar checked the walkthroughs as I realized most of them were incorrect


I didn't notice but our site received its 1000th! visitor a while ago i'm so glad so many people are visiting my web site


I have added a form for you to email any of us at the Populous Revolution team


I have fixed errors in my populous 3 strategy guide


I have fixed a browser error in my site map


Populous Revolution now works with all browsers except opera. I am not sure if it works with opera so please email me and tell me if it does and what version you were using


I have fixed all errors for Browsers Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0 These browsers work best with my site


I have added populous 3 pictures\screenshots


I have made various spell checks around the site


The protection racket undiscovered walkthrough has been added


fundo55 has brought a new computer so he will be able to upload all the latest populous stuff like populous 4


The Populous Revolution Team is now part of the Age Of Chaos Team me (bartsimpson5986) and fundo55 are Bug Testers. Official populous 4 site: http:\\


I have added a populous news archived section and made the populous code of conduct easier to view by making the headers black


I have been tweaking my site so I can be high in google's ranks. I am trying to get ahead of populous reincarnated : )



I have made a updates to the side bar and updated a few walkthroughs. And have also added a populous news section that has the latest populous news


I have made various improvements to the site, and updated my links page


I have made a new email address for The Populous Revolution Team it is at the staff\contact section


I have made lots of various improvements and changes to the site. If there are any emails please Contact us


I have removed my email address from the website as i am getting weird spam in my email.

I will have a new email address just for The Populous Revolution Team soon


I have made a populous 1 strategy guide for those of you who might need help


I have added a website of the month and a picture of the month. Please submit your populous website and pictures!!!


I have added a dynamic site map to my website so you can see everything on my site.


I have updated some links with their logo and have also added populous 1 pictures.


I have removed the new design as I realized that google can't browse through flash links and therefore wouldn't be able to index any other page except my front page.


I have removed the rate my site feature as devilhu's site is down


I have just released a new page design which is dramatically improved! hope you like it.

Please note: it is only changed on the first page.

I have added a link so you can rate my website. Please rate it!

And I have also made various improvements to the website, look at the bottom of the page for the version, this will tell you if it has been updated.


I have had to remove my downloads from this server but I will have it on the public server soon.


I am trying to think of a way to improve on the design of the website, if you have any ideas contact us


I have added file sizes for downloads and I have also added a become part of this website page please sign-up if you think you can write walkthroughs for mappacks


There have been problems with the gamespy ftp which has preventing me from updating my website for a few days




The Populous Revolution team needs people to write walkthroughs for mappacks. Please contact us a to apply


Populous 4 is out now!! get it at the downloads section!!!


A populous 4 Under construction demo will be on the website soon. Thanks to fundo55 we will be the one and only site that has it!!


I have added undiscovered walkthroughs, but remember if something isn't there it means it will be there as soon as possible.


fundo55 is now a assistant webmaster with me and he will be uploading programs for you to download


I have added some more downloads including a new populous 4 mod, and also changing the design slightly.


News from the 22\3\04 to the 31\3\04 has been lost


This site is born, in the next couple of months this site will have all the populous content you will ever need




2004 | 2005

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