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Monday , November 8th: Due to college and other things I havent had that much time to work on the game.. and with the major problem im having with WAN on 56k who can blame me, i have got some good news tho, having started redesigning the core i have made many things alot nicer and more efficient, increased fps and added dynamicly timed objects to help keep things at the correct pace, worked on broken sprites (sprites such as huts being made from more than one object [reduces speed] which gives a more realistic object interaction, ok so heres what ive got, on LAN it will be playable in perfect sync using a FBFS [frame by frame sync] on high speed WAN connections it will use a 1 Second future frame delay wait which should be barely noticeable however on 56k it is noticable but still bareable.. il keep u updated




Wednesday, September 29th: After numerous tests with khickman  a major setback has occoured with the multiplayer protocals due to the time delay on sending and the way it counts tick delay, a un sync of 3 pixels was found this could easily cause a game to go out of sync, so im currently in the process of fixing this, sofar ive recoded the delay counting so that instead of just re-setting last ticks ro the current tick count, it adds the delay so any missed frames are re-processed with 0 tick delay, also ive set the game sync to every 1 second which reduces the chance of becoming unsynced, but thr are still many things that are needed before it is ok for real multiplayer play, i may have to code a de-frame sort of like a undo of frames to ensure the units are in the same position as the players where the unit commands come from




Sunday, September 26th: Welcome to the new home for POPISO kindly hosted by Strategy Planet and Populous Reincarnated. So far the POPISO team are working hard to release a 2 player demo of the game so you can see our progress so far, we will be releasing a number of demonstrations showing our progress up until the completed program which will then be downloadable for free from this website, so welcome and take a look at our PICTURES section of the site for screen shots of the game




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