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            I was producer on Populous The Beginning (originally called Populous 3 or Populous: The Third Coming) and it was my first title at Bullfrog.



European                                                                                          US


            (US version had a 3D (boss?) effect to give packaging depth)



            [a village in the icy wasteland][The deadly armageddon spell][my followers having a bath!!]

[a high tower][a temple to pray before][flames all around]



            Populous: the Beginning – official site

            Populous: New Worlds – fansite with 3rd party levels

            Blue Shaman’s Command Post – fansite


            Moby Games – Populous: The Beginning

            Moby Games – Undiscovered Worlds

            Game rankings

            CDPlayers Populous site

            Open Directory – Populous

            Team Adept Clan site

            Populous Revolution







Previews (web & magazine)

            Edge 55          






            PC Format 4 page preview Oct-98 "PC Format were summoned to Bullfrog's Guildford-based office to worship at the feet of what many believe could be the game of the year."

            Daily Telegraph 1/2 page preview Oct-98 "It's the first fully 3D god game, and it doesn't half look sumptuous. It manages to be one of those games that is greater than the sum of its parts."

            PC Guru 3 page preview Nov-98

            Micro Mania (Spain) 3 page preview Nov-98

            PC Mania (Spain), 1 page preview Nov-98

            Focus Mag Jan-99 "The key to its success is in the collection and effective use of powerful magical forces, from fire blast and lightening bolt weapons through to volcano and tornado spells, its also the factor that will keep you coming back for more."


Interviews and Making Ofs

            PC Format 87: Making Of


            French interview with me



Reviews (web & magazine)

            PC Zone 70                 92% "Pop happens to have the best interface, the best engine and most finely-balanced gameplay, and the most original and distinctive underlying concept."


            The Times 9/10 "The battles may be fierce, but Pop is a strangley relaxing and ultimately, compelling experience. Pop is an addictive game, buy it at your own risk."

            The Sunday Times Nov 11 98

Edge 66


            PC Format 93% "Now there is Pop TB, and it is, quite frankly, stunning. At last, a god game that could truly rule the world."


            PC Gamer 64


            Internet review

            Hotgames                     5/5

            Games Domain

            Game Revolution

            IGN                             8.6/10

            Gamespot                     7.5/10

            MPOG                         4/5

            Gamepost                     93%

            Happy Puppy               9/10

            Game Revolution          B+

            Level 9/10

            Gambler 88%

            Newsweek USA "Best of all the slick 3D graphics let you view the carnage at group level of pull back to outer space for a gods-eye view. Hallelujah!"

            Ultimate PC (UK) 88% "How do you follow one of the great all-time hall of famers? BF's third Pop game is a dazzling marriage of uniquie graphics and perfect strategic gameplay which only goes to further their reputation as one of the few truly and consistently innovative development houses in the games industry today."


“The Story of Bullfrog’s Populous the Beginning” infomercial aired on Sunday 15th November (before Hollyoaks), followed by a competition feature the following weekend on the 22nd.


Promotional items





            Populous Globe




            Shamen model: I think EA Poland hired this model to represent the shamen in their territory!






            Edge 56 Gallery


            Edge Key Games of 1997


            PC Format 89 coverdisk


            PC Format 95 Reader Awards – Best Strategy Game


            Strategy Guide

                        Populous: The Beginning

            Team photo


            X-mas Card


            Alternate (unreleased) Packaging





           I have a VHS copy of Populous footage – but need to transfer it to MPG

            Ultimate PC Strategies Dec-98 10 page strategy guide. PC Zone published a 9page strategy guide across it's Jan and Feb 99 issues. The Jan 99 issue of Computer Tips & Tricks printed a 4 page game guide.

             Shaman appeared in a calendar in the Dec-98 issue of The Video Game Magazine.

            June '97 Edge had a 16 page supplement covering Bullfrog and concentrating on "Populous The Third Coming"


Nominations & Awards

            Nominated for “Best Programming” by Develop Magazine

            Nominated by CGW for “Strategy game of the year”

            Awarded the 1999 Milia D’Or for strategy game of the year

            Awarded “Realtime Strategy Game of the Year” by ElectricGames in their “1998 Games of the Year”

            Awarded a “flamie” award of “Game of the Year” by Hotgames

            Awarded PC Fan’s 1998 Editors Choice Award for “Best Simulation Title”

            Awarded 2nd place in the category “Game of Year awards for Strategy” category by MPOG

            Awarded 5th best game of 1998 by Ultimate PC - UK "The playability and game design is top-notch but probably the most impressive thing is the control interface. A more than worthy addition to a legendary dynasty."


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