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25. The Beginning

Enemy Tribes: Dakini, Matak, Chumara

Starting Spells: Swarm, Lightning, Convert, Landbridge, Invisibility, Swamp, Hypnotise, Tornado, Erode, Earthquake, Flatten, Firestorm, Magical Shield, Angel Of Death

Permanent spells you can get: None

Temporary Spells you can get: None

Buildings you can get: None

Vehicles you can get: None

You've made it to the final world. Your Shaman has completed her quest and as you saw in the cut scene after Journey's End, ascended to godhood. As a god, your Shaman does not appear as a follower you can command on this level. This means that all of your spells now have infinite range, you don't have a Reincarnation Site, and your Shaman obviously can't be killed. Unfortunately, these effects only last on this level. If you go back and replay one of the previous worlds you will have your Shaman like before. The other downside of godhood is that you don't get infinite mana, you still have to charge your spells like before, and you can still lose the game if your tribe is annihilated. You've come too far to let that happen, so here's the run down on the final level. The shape of the land on this world is a bit tricky to describe, so you should look at the picture above before you continue reading. This world is like Middle Ground with circular plots for the four tribal settlements and long land strips connecting them. Unlike Middle Ground, though, the entire land mass of the world isn't stuck out in the middle of the ocean.

The largest bodies of water are to the east and west of your settlement, but none of the enemy tribes seems to prefer boats over the land routes. There are six of those land routes radiating away from your settlement. The Dakini settlement is located on the other side of the planet from you, so you can get there from either the north or south strip of land. The Chumara and Matak are located to the southwest and southeast, respectively. The northeast and northwest land routes will take you to a crossroads on the other side of the planet which you can use to get to the Chumara or Matak settlements. Fortunately, they don't seem to like to use this route to attack you. Now about your settlement. The good thing (and it's a really good thing) about this world is that you don't have to build from the ground up with only six Braves. You start with 50 Braves, 10 Large Huts, 8 Medium Huts, and all of your Training Huts. You also begin with Blast, Swarm, Lightning, Hypnotize, Tornado, Swamp, and Firestorm completely charged. Convert also starts with three uses, though there are no Wildmen to Convert at the beginning of the level.

The main trick to this level is surviving the first part of it. All of the other tribes have an actual army, instead of just a bunch of Braves, and will decide to stomp on each other at the very start of the level. Unfortunately, they'll choose your settlement for the place where they stomp on each other. Immediately stop charging Convert and start charging Erode, and send at least 15 Braves each to your Temple, Warrior, and Firewarrior Training Hut. Next, scroll over and cast Swamp on all three enemy Shamans. Hopefully you can get some of the fighting classes of followers that are standing nearby them, but more importantly it will give you three extra mana boost to charge Erode. You won't stop the attacks, but you can cast some of your other spells to soften up at least one tribe. Casting Firestorm or Tornado on their Training Huts will slow them down a little bit after the first attack. While the other three tribes are fighting in your settlement, try to keep your Braves going to the Training Huts and send your fighters to stop enemies wherever they can.

You're not really pressed for land, but you'll probably want to keep your buildings from being completely destroyed just so you don't have to rebuild them. If you can't deploy your own Preachers to counter the enemy's, keep Blast charging and cast it on any enemy Preacher you can't get to otherwise. With all the casualties you're going to take, you don't need your own Braves turned against you. The attacks aren't likely to be completely defeated by your efforts, but the attackers will withdraw or head off into another settlement eventually. Your main task, and the hard part of this level, is to survive the first round of attacks with as much of your settlement intact as you can manage. As soon as the enemy followers move themselves out of your settlement you should start rebuilding your damaged buildings. Put some Braves in your Huts so they can quickly get some new Braves out for you. Chances are, you will be very much under your maximum population at this point. You should also have at least one use of Erode, if you've only been charging it.

As my earlier strategies probably indicate, I recommend that you use Erode to cut off the land access to your settlement. This makes extra sense on this level because the land strips are so wide that building a Guard Tower defense will be very expensive. Moreover, since the enemies attack en masse maintaining that defense will also be very difficult. I recommend sinking the path to the Chumara first, since they are typically more aggressive than the Matak, and have only one route to your settlement. The Dakini have two routes to get to you, so you should probably sink one of those routes as soon as possible, and build a large ground force to defend against incursions until you get the mana. You can, of course, try to build as many Guard Tower defenses as you want, but I just think that using Erode is easier. Note that when you're using Erode you'll want to cast it as close to the enemy settlement as possible. The only trees on this world are located on the land in between the settlements, so you'll want as many of those trees as possible accessible to you after you sink the routes.

Once you have sealed off the direct routes to the other three tribes, you don't need to worry about the other two routes to your settlement. I have never seen the other tribes attack from those routes. Once your defenses, of whatever form, are done and your settlement has recovered from the initial attack and whatever damage other raids have done, you can turn your attention to wiping out the other tribes once and for all. Ground or air attacks follow the usual pattern and using them is up to your discretion. This world does offer a great deal of land and trees for you to build a bunch of Huts and turn your settlement into a mana factory (28 Huts will get you the maximum population). With your spells charging at a fast rate you can leave all your followers at base and strike down the infidels like, a big mean guy. After you kill the last enemy follower you've completed the game.

Congratulations you've finished the populous 3 Single Player game

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