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Three Crabs

To start off, like on all maps, turn of blast and charge convert. I like this map because there is no rush at the start - a break from Face Off. Place 4 hut plans and get your braves to build. Now get your shaman and convert the wildies. Then pray at the obelisk, which will give you the Boat House. Place the Boat House in the 'U' of the crab. There is a little offshore island with a Totem on it that gives you the Balloon Hut but don't worry about it; it is not important. Now place a firewarrior hut and 3 more huts and about 4-5 towes on both sides of the entrance to the crab's main bay. Send one brave for each tower and start charging Lightning or Swarm in case of an attack.

(If you didn't know, Swarm will make followers jump out of their boat and drown, but not the shaman.) Now Place 5 more hut plans and a warrior hut. Once those are built you should have Lightning or Swarm charged or even both. Half the towers should be built also. Now get 4 braves to cut wood and bring it to the Boat House and then make them build boats while you charge Earthquake. Once you've got 2 Earthquakes, at least 2 Swarms and 4 Lightnings - attack! Bring about 2 boats full of firewarriors and a boat with your shaman and warriors. Earthquake away the enemy which seems to be weakest, but don't lose sight of the defence of your base. A well-known tactic in 3-way games is to attack an enemy while they're attacking the other enemy.

I usually say "don't attack" but this map is different. Once the enemy you have attacked is weakened, finish them off with your followers and bring your shaman out. While attacking you should have continued to charge earthquake, so now you can attack the other tribe. They will be stronger, so you probably won't kill them with one shaman attack, but you'll be making them get weaker and weaker. Keep doing this to the other tribe too, to stop them rebuilding. Now they should be on the verge of DEAD! Now is the chance to attack with Earthquake (which you shouldn't stop charging when attacking) and your Followers. Finish them off with Earthquake and, if you have a lot of mana, Tornado and Firestorm, just to show who boss :)

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