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Soul Survivor

Enemy Tribes: Dakini

Starting Spells: Blast, Convert, Swarm, Lightning, Tornado, Firestorm

Starting Buildings: Hut, Guard Tower, Warrior Training Hut, Temple, Spy Training Hut, Fire Warrior Training Hut, Boat House

Permanent spells you can get: None

Permanent Buildings you can get: None

Temporary Spells you can get: None

There are three main problems in this level. Firstly the Dakini will worship the totem pole to win, secondly they will continuously come to attack you past the totem pole, and thirdly they will send their spies in boats to backdoor you.

To win, you have to build a great base of full huts to keep your mana charged. But first slap down a spy hut down and train two spies. Put them in the two guard towers near the sea and they will see the arriving spy boats. Next place down  a temple, train a few preachers and put them on the shore in between your spies. Meanwhile build lots of huts including the other two training huts. Train a few fire warriors and warriors.

Build two guard towers next to your ones on the hill near the totem and put fire warriors in each to make it quite defensive. Keep you shamen on the hill by the guard tower, and make sure that you kill their shamen (accurately with lightning) whenever she attacks. After killing her, go and tornado their guard towers. Their shamen is stupid, so keeps going to the site of her destroyed guard tower. This gives you a chance to kill her for al her pathetic mana. You should have converted some enemy spies by now, so send them to do some damage in the Dakini base. Once you have the upper hand, you can start to build some more guard towers close to the totem pole to defend your own worshippers. There two ways of finishing the level. Worship the totem pole, or destroy their base. You choose but whatever you chose you will enjoy yourself.

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