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Sliced Beetle

Ok. This map is a version of 'Face Off' for 2 players. Start by placing down three hut plans around your CoR. Then you should charge up 2 blast and 2 convert, then turn off convert. Bring your shaman up to the head in the middle and convert the all the wilds in your path with the 2 converts. More then likely, the other person will bring up his shaman at the same time and will try to blast you. Stand near the edge of that other tribes territory and blast her first. If you are higher, you will have longer range and will be able to hit her before she hits you. Slap Down 2 Guard Tower plans on top of the hill with the head, at the entrance to the enemy camp. Now focus on your own base. Place a warrior hut and a firewarrior hut. If you don't have enough people, then get some from inside the 3 huts you built earlier. This is when the other tribe panics and brings their followers up to the head.

Blast them in the water! Ok, if by this stage you have got a stable village and 2 towers at the head build 2 more towers on the head and your base. Start charging Lightning. Once the towers are built, the enemy will probably have lightning. Don't put your shaman in the tower - it will only make it easier for the enemy to kill her. Once you have 4 lightnings you should charge Earthquake. Only pray at the head as a last resort. Once you have an Earthquake, attack the enemy village, using lightning on any towers they have. Place the Earthquake as far into the village as you can, ideally on any training huts. Keep doing this and you should win.
If you don't get the head, and if the other player doesn't say "DON'T SIDE DOOR!", then Side door and attack with the same strategy as before, with Earthquake.

I haven't played this map more then 2 times but this strategy works when I do. I don't know what's in the totems, but don't pray till the end.

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