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7. Unseen Enemy

Enemy Tribes: Chumara

Starting Spells: Blast, Swarm, Lightning, Convert, Landbridge

Permanent spells you can get: Invisibility

Temporary Spells you can get: Erode

Buildings you can get: None

Vehicles you can get: None

This world is a bit easier than the last, in that you don't have to deal with as much raiding from the enemy and only one other tribe to deal with. The Chumara do seem to like Warriors and Preachers on this planet, and you'll run up against plenty. The fact that they can turn invisible doesn't help either. This world is very symmetric, with two kidney (for lack of a better word) shaped islands running east-west. Your island is on the north side. There are three places where the two islands get close enough to cast a Land Bridge, on the far east, far west, and the center of the water dividing them where there is a small island with the Erode Stone Head (you'll have to cast another Land Bridge from the island to reach the Chumara from there). There aren't many nice clumps of Wildmen, but you don't have single shot Converts any more, so just grab them as you see them.

One last little thing about this world is that your Reincarnation Site is on a little peninsula to the northeast. On this peninsula you can only build one hut, so build a Guard Tower and move the bulk of your settlement further inland. Like in the last level, you'll want your Shaman to go around and Convert Wildmen and then use the Braves you get to build up your settlement. You'll want to put one Guard Tower at the west and east ends of your island towards the Chumara, as they will open a Land Bridge on both points eventually. You'll also want to start charging your own Land Bridge from the start. Once you get a use of it, open a way to the Stone Head at the center of the map. Grab four Braves to worship it along with your Shaman. Be aware that this Stone Head is in range of the Chumara Shaman's Lightning spell, and she will use it on you, repeatedly. Pay attention to your worshippers and zap her before she zaps you. The reason you want to get Erode is that when the Chumara opens a path to your island, you'll have a way of shutting it down, at least temporarily.

This will buy you more time to build up your forces and allow you to cross over to their island when you're ready to fight on your terms. Your defending Guard Towers may not actually be used in this level, but they're good to have if you need them. Also, I've found that even when invisible, followers can get converted by a Preacher. Whether you attack from the east or the west is up to you, the only argument for the west is that it puts you closer to the Vault of Knowledge and you don't have to go through the Chumara settlement to get to it. Also, the west path is in between the Chumara settlement and Reincarnation Site, so you can intercept the enemy Shaman after she reincarnates. Ah, Chumara mana good. However, if you're not planning on using Invisibility (I never did, even after this level), then you might not need to go out of your way to get the Vault at all and go straight to taking out the Chumara. If you don't worship at the Vault you'll pick up Invisibility by default on the next world.

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