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Protection Racket

Enemy Tribes: Matak

Starting Spells: Blast, Convert, Swarm, Landbridge, Lightning

Starting Buildings: Hut, Guard Tower, Warrior Training Hut, Spy Training Hut, Firewarrior Training Hut, Boat House

Permanent spells you can get: None

Permanent Buildings you can get: None

Temporary Spells you can get: None

In this level you will find that there are magic stones that make the Follower who steps through it have magical shield cast upon them. At the moment there are preachers there so don’t make any braves go near there. Now start off by getting all the braves you can and get them to make huts and get the spells you have, 10 huts should do. Once you have a decent amount of followers get a little army to together so you can recover your temple near where the enemy braves are praying. Make sure you have a warrior training hut since they send over warriors, preachers and firewarriors and you shaman’s spells are useless against them. Use your shaman to kill the guard tower the shaman is near. Train many warriors and make your followers walk the the stones so they will have magical shield cast on your followers so that the enemy shaman’s spells can’t hit you. Watch out for the swarm which they will probably use on you so make sure u kill the shaman with a lightning so that she can’t help.

Kill most of the people they have in the huts and kill the preachers that will probably try to convert your people and annoy you by having to make more. Use your shaman to cut off the amount of preachers made and lower the amount of warriors created by the enemy team. You should now have around 100-150 people so the ones in the huts keep them there. If you have any idle braves turn them into warriors so that you are able to gain up the amount of people around 60 warriors so when you are ready to attack you can send your shaman up to destroy the enemy shaman. If you are able to take out the temple, fire warrior hut and warrior hut then you will be able to ease the rest of your journey. If you were destroyed on that trip then sadly you were not able to achieve the great amount of victorious kills than a person who was able to train, hunt and kill enemy team.

Wait till you have about 50 more people and take your shaman in with them absolutely eliminating the enemy team. In most occasions the enemy will use swarm to take you of your main task this is not a problem since they are very weak at the moment since there is only some people to destroy now, since they are probably only going to try to defend their base. Now it is over you should have killed nearly everyone but just make about 3 more warrior huts and get all your followers to go into them so they are all warriors. Now you destroy them, go in and have some major manslaughter onto the base of the enemy, if you can’t find someone then you can just take the world view by pressing enter and finding them.

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