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Enemy Tribes: Chumara

Starting Spells: Blast, Convert, Swarm, Invisibility, Magical Shield, Lightning, Hypnotise, Tornado

Starting Buildings: Hut, Guard Tower, Warrior Training Hut, Temple, Firewarrior Training Hut, Boat House

Permanent spells you can get: None

Permanent Buildings you can get: Balloon Hut

Temporary Spells you can get: Firestorm, Angel Of Death, Armageddon

In this level you once again have fog of war but luckily you are only against the chumara. First up convert all the wild men you can see and get them to make huts. Have your shaman follow the path to the stone head which will give you a AOD, which you will you later. If you keep following the path you will find a base, this in fact is the Chumara base, use the AOD now. Once you have trained lots of warriors and preachers you can go to that base and finish it off making sure you use lightning, convert and tornado on what you want gone fast.

Make a training hut and a temple after you have about 140 followers you should make 100 warriors and 40 preachers. Take them into the Chumara base and destroy the 5 towers that are surrounding the stone head and pray at it. This will give you firestorms which I suggest you use on the group of huts you come across.

Send your group of warriors and preachers to kill all the preachers you see on the screen make sure that you don’t let the shaman use swarm on you or the enemy will get the upper hand in battle. Maintaining the battle is hard since they will keep repairing the huts so to stop this I suggest you use tornado to wipe out the hut altogether.

If you think that you need more people then you have to use the braves that are still in your base to even it up you should have around 60 people so train 20 warriors and 20 preachers so you don’t kill yourself running out of followers. Take in these followers with your shaman, making sure some people are guarding the shaman so they don’t let her die the second they get into the base.

Now while you are in the base you will realise that they are trying to build a balloon hut, do not let this happen. If it has already happened use tornado to destroy it and keep it destroyed hopefully killing other Chumara followers in the process. The AOD should have been used already but if you kept it then use it now so that it can help you. Once you think you have nearly finished it you should use all the spells you got to get rid of the Chumara followers.

Or you could use armageddon

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