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Natural Disaster

Enemy Tribes: Matak

Starting Spells: Blast, Convert, Swarm, Invisibility, Magical Shield, Lightning, Hypnotise, Tornado, Swamp, Firestorm

Starting Buildings: Hut, Guard Tower, Warrior Training Hut, Temple, Spy Training Hut, FireWarrior Training Hut, Boat House

Permanent spells you can get: None

Permanent Buildings you can get: None

Temporary Spells you can get: None

Start off by removing your followers from your huts

The land sinks in incrediments in this game here are approximate times that it goes down:

Sink 1: 1:03mins

Sink 2: 2:05mins

Sink 3: 3:07mins

Sink 4: 4:09mins

Sink 5: 5:11mins

Sink 6: 6:14mins

Sink 7: 7:16mins

Sink 8: 8:18mins

Sink 9: 9:20mins

Sink 10: 10:22mins

Sink 11: 11:25mins

Your base will now look like this:

Screenshot Of What Your Base Looks Like After The Land Has Sunk


Start off by using swamp so that no one can enter your base without dieing, watch out since the land will start sinking into the water so put your buildings on the land like on the map above. Place guard towers all around as you should be expecting many attacks on your base the matak will try to attack you so do your best in putting fire warriors and preachers in the towers. If they come and start destroying the towers use your shaman to get rid of them.

When you have around 150 followers you should train around 100 warriors and 50 preachers this will allow you to finish off the enemy without having to lose your shaman too many times. Have your shaman go in first using swamp on the training huts after using lightning on it this will make the matak braves try to repair it when they will just keep dieing. Now when you send your people in there it won’t be too much of a hassle since the base is really not too hard to be destroyed.

Once you send in all of your followers then you can finally destroy most of their base. Start with anything that you did not use swamp on and anything that you haven’t damaged.Once the building that have been used to train followers are destroyed then you can retreat the followers that you have left When you’re ready take in the shaman, have her use fire storm on the enemies and lightning on all the towers.Train 100 warriors and 99 preachers this time and go into the enemy’s base and have them kill the enemy’s huts there should not be anyone left anymore followers.

Congratulations you have finished Undiscovered Worlds!

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