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When you start off on this level, you will notice there's no convert. You'll also notice you're within blast range of your enemy's island. So instead of the normal convert, start your braves building huts immediately. There is only room for a couple huts on your island, but keep your braves busy by building a tower or two on the high spots on your island and on the shore closest to your enemy's base. (There are lots of trees on your island, so wood shouldn't be a problem.) Convert can be obtained by worshipping the head offshore two islands over, and since there are so many wildman you should probably go for it. Alternatively, you can landbridge over to the island behind you which has plenty of land to build on.

If you decide to go for the convert, landbridge up to the top of the hill first, this will help you later. You should try to build towers on all the high places on your island. Once you reach the convert island, send some braves over to pray at it, but beware: you only get six shots, so use them carefully. Converting lots of braves will probably also stop your huts from producing. Keep charging landbridge, and start bringing up as much land as possible. Build training huts, and start training.

Defence in this level should consist of the usually patrolling firewarrior and warrior combination at likely point of entrance, and randomly spaced towers. At this point I would suggest putting your shaman in a hut by the narrowest area between your island and your opponent's. Once your opponent decides to attack, this will probably be their point of entrance. Let them bridge over to your island, then lightning the shaman, and open up a free attack zone. I like to send in ghosts or warriors first to draw fire and cause a distraction. Watch out for firewarriors in huts, (you might want to put some in your huts too!) and do some damage by the entrance. Remember the enemy shaman is going to reincarnate on higher ground then you, and make sure you don't get caught up on braves on your way out. Following up with warriors to remote parts of an enemy base is smart.

The front of your base will probably take a lot of damage so its a good idea to only keep a few braves around, and lots of guards. The high ground on this level should be manned with lots of firewarriors, which provides a good defence as the rest of land is generally low. Keep expanding your base, and use tornados and swarms to clear narrow causeways of enemy guards. Burning enemy trees is also smart. If your enemy has a large base, concentrate on dominating the front of their base and the main attack area. It makes it harder to get into your base and provides a launching point for attacks into the enemy base. Put firewarriors on high points in your enemy's base also.

ALWAYS watch out for the back door in this level. You are only two or three landbridges away from the back of the back of your enemy's base, and if he's having trouble getting into the front of your base he may try the back. To discourage this put some guards in the back, and if it looks like your enemy is going to try it simply plow into the front of their base.

For attacking and defending, your own tactics usually work best, use them to the best of your ability ;) Good luck!

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