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Ok - this is a good 3-player map. It is the same basic map as in "Building Bridges" in the single-player levels, but this has some adjustments:

Blue has got the Magic Shield obelisk

Red's obelisk is a Boat House

yellow's obelisk gives the Invisibility spell

The heads give mana and are not that important to get so quickly; wait till you have about 14 people.

Starting off
There are wildmen everywhere on this world. Turn off blast and charge convert. Slap down 3 hut plans and a firewarrior hut. Put towers where necessary. Convert all wilds in your path and start building unbuilt plans. After you got a firewarrior hut, start training about 2 or 4 and put them in your towers if built yet. Then charge up two lightning's to deal with any rushing shamans. Start praying NOW (6 people for the heads and your shaman for the obelisk) and charge earthquake! During the worship, place down a warrior hut and a ton of hut plans. Now you should have about 50 people and 2 earthquakes. If the others are fighting, let it be. Kill the one that wins out of them. If they try to attack you kill them with firewarriors. Charge blast and lighting at the same time now. If you're the one in battle and the other is camping (smartly) you're in trouble. Fight the camper before he gets bigger and bigger.

Here are a few more tips:

· Don't start a battle. If a shaman is heading towards you, kill the shaman and then stop. If he does it again then he may attack the other tribe; if so leave, them alone.

· Let a 3-way battle go. Don't be tough and try to kill the other tribe.

· DON'T ATTACK IF THE OTHERS ARE FIGHTING. Just camp and get stronger.

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