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Human Shield

Enemy Tribes: Dakini, Chumara, Matak

Starting Spells: Blast, Convert, Swarm, Invisibility, Magical Shield, Landbridge, Lightning, Hypnotise, Tornado, Swamp, Flatten, Earthquake, Erode, Firestorm

Starting Buildings: Hut, Guard Tower, Warrior Training Hut, Temple, Spy Training Hut, Fire Warrior Training Hut, Boat House, Balloon Hut

Permanent Buildings you can get: None

Permanent spells you can get: None

Temporary Spells you can get: Volcano, Angel Of Death

In this level you get all of the spells on your side and you have the Dakini and Chumara tribe to fight. First you must build some huts put one person in each hut to get more people, after you have about 6, make a preacher training church and make 4 preachers while two braves are making guard towers. After they are built put the preachers in them for any free people that may be up for grabs. Take you shaman and use lightning on the warriors and on the towers to lower their defense this should be a great gap in their development. Then build a warrior hut and train about 10 warriors to protect you, and make about 4 more huts. You should have about 150 people now and more training is required train about 30 warriors and 10 more preachers and 20 firewarriors.

Your shaman should have full lightning and 1 or 2 swamps which you can use to keep their shamans away from you. Use lightning on their shamans if they come close or use blast on their preacher so they cant stop you converting their people. Spend some time charging up your spells use fire strike in their base to destroy most of their people take all you warriors and some preachers in to their base and kill them all.

Then go over to the red base and worship the stone head you will get a AOD which you use in their base with several spells to back up the attack. You must not lose to many people but use lots of damaging attacks to hurt their base. After the AOD is dead worship it again to get another one and that will put their defense down quite alot. They are in lots of small bits now so just go over to the stone head in the yellow base witch is small and weak you can destroy with one or two fire bolts. Worship it and you will get a volcano which you use in one of their strong points most of their people will die and you followers should be able to do the rest most of them should be warriors and preachers which are the most important followers.

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