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15. Incarcerated

Enemy Tribes: Chumara

Starting Spells: Swarm, Lightning, Convert, Landbridge, Invisibility, Swamp, Hypnotise, Tornado, Erode, Earthquake, Flatten, Firestorm, Magical Shield

Permanent spells you can get: None

Temporary Spells you can get: Volcano

Buildings you can get: None

Vehicles you can get: None

Time Allowed: 7:29mins

This is the last timed objective level. On this world you have to save your Shaman from the enemy tribe that has finally realized that if they just kill her, she'll reincarnate later. I know the quote says the Dakini trapped you, but the enemy tribe in this level is flying the yellow colors of the Chumara, so I guess it was a typo. Your followers start on an island to the east of the Chumara island with four Huts, all of the Training Huts, and a Boat House. There's a big hill in the middle of the island with lots of trees, but unfortunately you don't have enough space for a Balloon Hut. The Chumara island is ringed with tall impassable mountains, and the only beach you can land your boats on is directly west of your island. You only have 7 and a half minutes to save your Shaman, so immediately send 4 Braves to the Boat House and start training the rest into Warriors, Preachers, and Firewarriors.

Also send the Braves that are generated by the empty huts to be trained as well. I ended up with 7 Warriors, 14 Preachers, and 10 Firewarriors when my population hit around 30. Build up your army as you see fit, but Preachers will be your main weapons. Once you have enough boats to transport them, send your followers west. In front of the beach are three Guard Towers with Chumara Firewarriors in them. Try to bypass them as well as you can, or send your Firewarriors (all in the same boat or boats) to attack them, this will draw the fire of the enemy Firewarriors and allow your other boats to slip by. Make landfall as quickly as you can. Your Preachers should start Converting the Warrior patrols and your idle Preachers and Warriors can take out the stationary enemy Preachers.

As you add enemy Warriors to your army, be careful of the Firewarrior Guard Towers further west towards the prison building. Once you take them out, send all of your Warriors to attack the prison building and free your Shaman. Once she's free the timer stops, though the level isn't over yet. Worship at the Obelisk to get a Volcano spell. You'll see a hill behind the Obelisk that nicely overlooks the Chumara settlement, and this is a great place to cast Volcano from. Casting it will also sink the Guard Towers that gave you trouble on the way in, and the spell itself should kill most of the Chumara.

Use your remaining followers or whatever spells the Shaman has charged to kill them and end the level. After Incarcerated you have the option of doing any of the next four levels: Bloodlust, Middle Ground, Head Hunter, and Unlikely Allies. You can do these in any order, but I will run through them as they're numbered in the game. Once you complete the first two you will be able to do Archipelago, and once you complete the second pair of levels you can move on to Fractured Earth.

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