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Face Off

Starting off
Face off consists of four CoR sites, kind of like Pressure Point, but has an ancient volcano with a head stone in the middle. The headstone contains a powerful spell: volcano, but be warned, if you gain the volcano spell from the headstone the ancient volcano (the thing your worshipers are standing on) will erupt itself damaging anything in that area.

Firstly, when u incarnate for the first time, uncharge fireball and move your screen upward to the middle, where the headstone is, QUICKLY convert the wildmen around that area before the enemy does. Whilst you convert lay your training huts down and put 2 men on each.

Build towers at the entrance of yours, and the enemies village where the huge volcano and headstone is (the middle), usually I put two towers for each enemy, and send 1 or 2 (depending on how many spare) braves to the plans to construct them. To do this quickly send the braves to collect wood first, then to construct the towers, you can do this automatically by holding down CTRL button and clicking a tree, then the tower plan.

While these are working, build huts as quick as you can, and use 1 - 2 braves for each plan. Get a couple of firewarriors and command them to enter the towers you built, they will not zap them with lightning very often because mana is so scarce on this level, spells like lightning on early stages, will take a while to charge so they won´t bother.

For early attacks train around 5 warriors, sending them one by one at the enemy shaman, this way I charge earthquake instead of lightning, warriors will take care of any annoying firewarriors too. Send around 5 preachers to each of their huts, to convert his/her men. Charge lightning if you prefer to zap the shaman as soon as she reincarnates, it´s up to you. Whilst this is going on keep training a couple of warriors and preachers and send them in, this should be enough to take the first village out.

By the time you get to the second (if he/she is not dead) you should have a good range of spells and men to take them out, or a nice volcano from the headstone will slow them down *a tad*, but keep in mind when you receive the volcano, any defence's you had will be burned a little, so get ready to replace them quickly.

This is just one of the many strategies, just like every level, there are many possibilities, but I find this works best for me. just practice!

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