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Eye Of The Storm

Eye of the storm is tricky; it has two islands close together with a lake in the middle (this is where the stone head is found). Start off by building a few huts (and a warrior hut in case your enemy attacks early) and then getting as many wild men converted as you can.

CHARGE AWAY!: after you've gotten as much wild men as you can, charge the most devastating spell you have (except Angel of Death) and also if you have the "bridge" spell charge it up too.

DEFENSE IS FIRST: while you're doing that get as much defense as you can (if you have the bridge spell don't worry about the back of your settlement). Start off by building a fire warrior hut and filling up your guard towers (assuming you have guard towers) then place preachers around the guard towers (by this time you should have your spells ready).

TIME TO ATTACK!: once you've taken care of that you need to build up your army! Train some warriors and take two to defend your shaman, then use the rest and split them up into two groups. Then get some fire warriors to defend the shaman (you don't need much to attack with since the warriors can take care of fire warriors much more easily). Take lots of preachers with you (depending on how much they have you should try and "out preacher them") split these up and put them with the warriors.

THE "BRIDGE SPELL: Take advantage of the bridge spell and use it to make a bridge from the back of your Reincarnation Site and connect it to the enemy's base, but first make a bridge on either side of the island and take your two groups of warriors and preachers and move them in on each side. This should distract the enemy while you make and go over the bridge to the back of their settlement. Then ATTACK! Use those nasty spells you charged up. This should take out the enemy and if not you should be able to finish them very easily because of the damage you did.

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