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8. Continental Divide

Enemy Tribes: Dakini

Starting Spells: Blast, Swarm, Lightning, Convert, Landbridge, Invisibility

Permanent spells you can get: None

Temporary Spells you can get: Tornado, Magical Shield

Buildings you can get: Firewarrior Training Hut

Vehicles you can get: None

The geography of this world is difficult to describe, so try to bear with me. This planet is mostly land, with many scattered lakes all around. The Dakini settlement lies to the north of you through a gap in the hills surrounding your territory and on the other side of a large hill. There is another gap in the surrounding hills to the east of your settlement, which leads to paths across the rest of the world. Don't expect an attack from that direction because it is a long trek to make, and the Dakini seem to prefer the more direct route. You will want to send 4 of your followers through that east path because southeast of your settlement it the Magical Shield Stone Head, and southeast of that is the Tornado Stone Head. When you start, begin as usual by constructing Huts and Converting Wildmen. Send your Shaman and four of the Converted Wildmen over to the Magical Shield Stone Head while your other followers build up your settlement. For defense you'll want to build three Guard Towers in the gap between the hills north of your settlement.

You'll eventually want to put a Preacher in the center tower, and two Firewarrior's on either side. Once you've obtained the Magical Shield uses, head over to the Tornado Stone Head. You'll want to go from the Magical Shield Stone Head, because the shortest path to the Tornado Stone Head from your settlement is through the Dakini settlement, not a good idea. Send 4 Braves to worship Tornado, while you position your Shaman near, but not to close to, the nearby Dakini settlement. You should be able to cast Tornado on their Firewarrior Training Hut, though you may need to cast Land Bridge to get in range. Be sure you cast Tornado at least once before your people finish worshipping because you can only have three uses of that spell at a time, and this Stone Head will give you four. No sense in wasting good Tornado spells, after all. Even though the Tornado Stone Head is very close to the Dakini settlement, they shouldn't give you any trouble if you're quick about things, but keep an eye out and a Lighting spell ready just in case.

Once you have your single shot spells, order your Shaman and Braves to get back to your settlement via the way they came. Then send your Shaman north towards the Dakini. The Firewarrior Vault of Knowledge is just across the big hill to the west, and there is a spot of water that is narrow enough for you to cast Land Bridge to bypass Dakini defenses and get to the Vault. Have Swarm and Blast charged to deal with anyone attacking your Shaman, and then start cranking out the Firewarriors. Once you assemble your army, head north and attack. Be careful with spreading your forces out too far, as enemy Firewarriors can shoot at your Preachers from beyond their preaching range. This won't stop them from Converting people; it'll just kill them. Keep in mind that you can use the same tactic against enemy Preachers.

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