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Dead Sea

Okay first off get your people out of that crater ASAP!! If you're using forge world raise the reincarnation site to the highest level possible by using the raise hill twice then flattening. REMEMBER DON'T DIP THE SITE!!!! you will trap all your men. Now as for building get men setting up Preachers and Warrior hut around your reincarnation site. Start converting like mad and get all the people you convert to set up Towers near the critical points of the map. These are :

· the Angel of Death head (centre)

· the Earthquake Head (back of reds base)

Also set up some watch towers near bunches of trees. This strategy is a little risky since it take about 2 minutes until you can start building your huts, but if you've got your preachers and warriors hut set up they should provide a little defence till your towers are ready.

As soon as each tower is up, start building huts like mad. You should have set up about 5 towers around the map. Also build another preacher, warrior and fire warrior hut away form your reincarnation site. This is backup and also means you can train much quicker!

When placing your huts make sure to space them out quite a lot, this helps against Earthquakes which is the main destructive spell used on this level. Also keep about 25 Fire warriors scattered around your base then, when a shaman comes, tell them to rip her up! 25 is a minimum, the more the better! Then all you got to do is keep control of the two heads (Angel of Death and Earthquakes). If you ain 't that experienced just try and keep one of the heads. While you do this keep a nice sack full of lightning's. once you got 2 lightning's at the start, it's a good idea is to charge Tornado and get to an enemy and cast it on there preacher hut. it just slows them down giving you time to breathe or attack.

All you got to do is remember to keep building all the way through the game - build huts after huts. Also try to scatter some Guard Towers around your base and remember to keep fire warriors in them.

A good plan when you get quite big is to have fire warriors in your huts: they stop shamans and preachers for moving around your base. When you decide to attack take your shaman in first and beat their defence's down (if they have any!). When you've done that, make her cause some chaos with Earthquakes etc. and then send your troops in! Only send them in while your shaman is there. Make sure you have killed the enemy shaman or she will kill your troops very fast.

Don't send preachers on their own, send Preachers and Warriors. 5 preachers and 5 warriors can kill 15 preachers if you control them right (just practice).

As the game goes on, keep a good ratio of attackers. Don't stop training men when you got 10 of each. Keep training as you grow.

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