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In my opinion this is the best of all the UW multiplayer levels and better then most of the regular 2 and 3 player levels people play every day.
To start off, you're probably going to want volcano on, trust me, it makes for a funner game. You start off in this level inside a giant fortress, with your opponent in a similar one. Notice you start off with four guard towers, and once you get some firewarriors, put them in these towers. For now, start building huts and send your shaman around to convert. Going up in the towers is a good way to reach wildmen that you can't reach otherwise because you have a GIANT range. You should build inside the fortress as much as you can but its also very important to build outside also. Send braves off to different areas outside (mostly behind) your fortress to build towers and start building huts. Its also a good idea to have some braves collect wood and take it up to the top of your fortress and build some more towers. I like to build them by the towers you already have: its much harder to lightning these towers when they're in bunches.

Keep building and build extra training huts outside your fortress also. As always, keep building huts, and start charging spells. You're not likely to get rushed so I like to charge some landbridges first and make easy access to the top of the fortress. Its a good idea to put firewarriors patrolling outside your fortress, at random spaces. Don't separate them too much or they wont be effective or will be easy prey for enemies. Firewarriors also have large ranges from the top walls and should be put there. I like to put guards by my small villages around my fortress to protect them, because they are very easy targets for small groups of enemy warriors, which can easily slip by you unnoticed.

The stone heads contain volcano and armageddon, but both take a VERY long time to pray at and are easy targets for a lighting bolt so I usually don't bother praying there.

It's important to keep building and have lots of reserve troops standing by and firewarriors patrolling outside and on top of your fortress. Watch the hill with the stone head on it within a landbridge's range of your top walls. Enemy shamans can reach this wall easily and rain destruction on you from above if they get on to your walls. To counter this, take the head first. Often this is the way both of you get into each other's base, so its important to control it. Firewarriors here can even reach shaman trying to attack your base by the main entrance. Once it's under control, check around and make sure there are no gaps in your defence. Early attacking in this level is usually earthquakes, tornados, and warrior attacks on your "suburbs" or quick hit and run attacks on your main defence. None of these should be too damaging to your defence, as long as you have plenty of troops and guards.

You can do this to your enemy also. Try blasting trees and attacking relatively weak spots in a defence to annoy and hurt your enemy little by little. I found the best way to get a crushing blow to your opponent is by landbridging to the plateau with the stone head, by your base, where you can then use another landbridge to get to your enemy's walls. This can be rewarding if you do it right, but unless you have high health even one firewarrior hit sending you off the edge could kill you because of the drop. Ghost armies or warriors in front of you should absorb the enemy fire. Make sure you take out all the guard towers near by, otherwise they can kill you very quickly. A firestorm to clean up the riffraff may help. Bringing in your own firewarriors to man your enemy's walls is also smart.

Erode can be a devastating spell to your enemy's fortress, killing firewarriors and bringing down the walls. I would suggest doing this if you have the chance. Once inside the enemy base, one volcano in the reincarnation will wipe out everything inside the fortress. Taking out the enemy's wall defence with lightning or warriors can be smart also after the initial attack. Remember to set up a defence quickly on the causeways connecting both bases, so enemy shamans cannot have easy pickings on your braves. Sneaking warriors around the sides into small enemy's camps is also smart. If you don't have volcano on, tornado or earthquake your enemy's training huts first. As always, watch out for a reincarnating shaman. Placing firewarriors on either side of the causeway on the ground can be helpful if a shaman tires to walk across it, one or two hits will send them over the side.

If you both have giant bases (which frequently happens) and are not able to significantly hurt your enemy you might want to try going for Armageddon (the stone head with landbridge range of your base). Always try to take out enemy towers if you see them, (especially on top of the wall), It takes a long time for braves to collect wood and take it back up to the top. If you have the time, its a good idea to get some extra wood to the top of your fortress to build on. If you don't want to attack by the top causeways, you should probably landbridge up to the top of the fortress just the same. If attacking by the main entrance, a firestorm will clear the guards. A escort of warriors or ghosts should be used to get inside the base.

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