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All Around The World

All Around the World is the level "Fire in the Mist" in single player, where two tribes are next to each other but the only connecting path goes around the world. It is one of the two levels without any stone heads on it, so the main point is building and troops. Red and blue have different, but still similar strategies that are listed below.

Blue's Strategy
Blue has much land and lots of trees so building is quite easy. Be careful to check on reds progress and prepare for a rush if necessary, and look out for side doors from red. One of the first things needing to be done after building a couple huts, is to make a firewarrior training hut. With this create firewarriors and start building towers on the hills about half way towards red. Also build towers on any of the hills in blues base, and where there is little water between red and blue. When towers have been built, immediately start building huts around the towers to get more mana and braves. After charging up blast and convert, start charging spells in this order: earthquake, tornado, landbridge, ghost, swarm, lightning, firestorm, and any others. As soon as the first spell (not convert or blast) is charged, attack the enemy with a few warriors, firewarriors, preachers, and shaman. This attack, if it does not destroy the enemy, will slow them down. Keep a steady flow of people on the enemy and create a short cut when landbridge is charged to speed things up. It helps if a landbridge is made going into reds base, not from blues base, for obvious reasons. Continue with attacking and defending, and the level should be won.

Red's Strategy
Red has about the same amount of land and wood as blue so the strategies are much alike. Start out the same way as blue but for towers, build more over the rim in the middle. This allows red to have control over the blue people who have to run up to, and then climb the hill while being bombarded with fireballs. That area is also a good place to build so red should start building there, and near the CoR, eventually connecting the huts. Attacks across the water are common on this level so it is good to put up defense near the water as well. Use the same attack strategy as blue, and create more land between the hill with the rim, and the CoR if necessary.

Hint: large armies are useful in this level if they are accompanied by a shaman.

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