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Populous 3 Cheats

Cheat Mode:

During game play, press tab F11 and type "byrne" this activates cheat mode. Cheats you must now press:

Tab+F1 More mana
Tab+F2 Free spells
Tab+F3 All spells
Tab+F4 All buildings
Tab+F5 Max mana

Hold shift and push "+" and you will speed up your game (max 33 in cheat mode)

Or a faster way is to hold "O" down and scroll up & down.

Choose bonus level:

While playing (at any level), press the F12 button and after that press the F11 button. Then you get a demo. If a level passes you want to play, press the spacebar or the enter button than you play the game from the moment you have chosen.

How to be a God in Multiplayer without the enemy knowing:

Download God Worlds here and install it. the game will run using the god worlds and you will be able to cast spells anywhere. Note: the game may resync a few times at the start of the game.

Instant Training:

To activate Instant Training Mode press TAB and F1 together.

Incarcerated level with no time limit:

When playing the Incarcerated level where the Shaman is trapped with a time limit, press F11 for the demo play and click to stop the game play. Press Esc and choose "Restart Level". The game will get confused and use the demo strategy sequences as the Incarcerated beginning. You can now finish the level with no time limit. Note: This will not actually finish the level. If you save, you will not be able to pass the level. The game will save it as a demo.

Unlimited Guest Spells:

To get unlimited Teleport and Bloodlust enable cheat mode then save your game. reload the saved game then hold TAB and press F5 and you will have unlimited which you can refill by pressing TAB F5 at any time.

What are Ubers and How do you make them:

Ubers are very fast and powerful men which can kill anything in 1 second tops. they look like spy's, sound like spy's and can even disguise like spy's. Here are the steps on how to make them.

1. In forge make a very deep hole using flatten and lower land or whatever will help you.

2. When the game starts charge landbridge and try to make the hole as correct as you can make it so that people can't walk into it. Also make sure that once they are in there they can't move.

3. Then get your brave to stand right next to the hole.

4. Use blast on him so he falls into the hole.

5. If they role and dust comes out of the men then you have made a uber.

When you right click on them their health will be all the way up the screen.

Debug Menu

Press Tab F-11 and type in "byrne" and hit enter. Press "o" and you will see a few options come out of the corner. With this mode on you can turn Fog of War on or off, and Human Shaman Omnipresence, better known as God Mode, on or off. Use the arrow keys up and down to scroll through the other 70 or so options and use the left and right keys to toggle their status.

Cast Anywhere in the game

1. Activate cheat mode

2. Kill your shaman

3. Press o for the debug menu

4. Activate shaman omnipresence

Your shaman will reincarnate and will be able to cast anywhere

How to walk on water:

1. Do a full installation of populous from the cd.

2. Install the 1.01 patch found here

3.Go into your populous directory and rename D3DPopTB to D3DPopTBUW and popTB to popTBUW

4. Now install the unofficial patch for Populous Unidcovered Worlds(it is actually spelt like this)

Now you can walk on water

Hybrid levels:

This is how you swap around the sky and landscape colours in single player levels.

  1. Open Populous
  2. Open level 17, Middle Ground (Pressure Point)
  3. Press Tab, then F11, and type 'byrne' (without the quotes)
  4. It should say 'cheat enabled'
  5. Now press F11 again
  6. Your level 17 should disappear, and the rolling demo should start
  7. Once you see the demo get to the level 13 (Aerial Bombardment) stage, (you should be in a balloon) press any key
  8. You are now in the rolling demo for that level
  9. Press ESC restart level
  10. You should see level 17 with 13 landscape color
  11. Press ESC and save game (after taking a couple of screenshots :)
  12. Now save it
  13. Load it again
  14. you should see level 17 with 14 landscape color
  15. Every time you repeat steps 12 and 13, it advances to the next landscape colour and sky!

It may seem complicated at first, but its really quite simple. You can also start off with any other level instead of level 17, it will just have that level with the demo level's sky and landscape.

Try level 17 with 21 (Fractured Earth) and 22 (Solo) landscapes and skies. Its also fun to see all the landscape colors with level 1. Once all the levels are done cycling through, after you see level 25 landscape/sky than loading it again will no longer work, but you can then simply start a new hybrid. Levels 17 and 7 (Unseen Enemy) seem to work the best.

Get Multiplayer Tribe names:

If you do a quicksave from a multiplayer game and then (once the game has ended) load it, then quit, then load a saved game or start a new single player game (the loaded game must be a level pick not a in game) and then look at the names of the tribes. You will see the names from the multiplayer game, rather than the normal tribe names.

Get Braves, Fast!:

Get your brave to make a hut, then once its made you will get a new brave like usual. click on the dismantal button on your hut and get 1 brave to start dismantling it, once he has taken 1 wood, click on the dismantle button again to undismantle it and then get your brave to rebuild it. Once he puts the wood in his hands back in the hut you will have another person. Note: This may seem hard or that it takes a while but once you get good you can get it very quick!

Permanently Hypnotized
Cast hypnotize on any enemy other then a shaman, then send the hypnotized enemies into training huts and train them as something else. When the guy comes back out he will still be in your colors and he will no longer have those rings above his head, making him permanently hypnotized.

Scatter Code
To make a bunch of followers scatter (run around all over the place), select one or more followers and press the D key on your keyboard. Useful against shaman's blasts and warriors trying to block entrance to the enemy's base.


Every single cheat here is property of populous revolution. If anyone copies them they will be in big trouble.


Note: Please check with your host that you are allowed to cheat before cheating. Also, you are NOT allowed to cheat whilst on the populous reincarnated matchmaker and if you do you will get banned!

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